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Hypertension Program

The Marathon Family Health Team Hypertension Reduction Program was developed to provide preventative health care to the local population through early detection and effective management of hypertension. The program consists of the following components:

  1. Early detection and prevention of hypertension provided by Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) through:
    • community blood pressure screening clinics
    • in-clinic appointments for blood pressure screening
    • community and in-clinic hypertension prevention education (risk factors, heart healthy lifestyle etc.)
    • physician assessment referrals as needed
  2. Physician assessment and direction
    • determine whether a diagnosis of hypertension is appropriate based on blood pressure readings from RPNs and/or physician appointments, diagnostic test results and physical assessment
    • work with patients with a new diagnosis of hypertension to determine treatment goals and plan
    • refer to RPNs for blood pressure monitoring, and to other providers as needed
  3. Blood pressure monitoring provided by RPN
  4. Physican follow-up:
    • review RPN monitoring results and screen for possible problems
    • work with patient to adjust treatment plan as needed
    • refer to other providers as needed
    • follow and provide treatment to patients
  5. Dietitian referral (for patients who are unsure about diet, or are interested in using diet to improve hypertension):
    • assess diet and identify problems
    • provide education and recommendations about diet
  6. Social Work referral (for patients that seem to have unhealthy stress or anxiety):
    • address unhealthy stressors
    • coach relaxation techniques
    • provide psychosocial interventions as needed
    • assist with lifestyle changes

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