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INR Program

INR or Anticoagulation (RN-INR Management Program)

Clients, who for various reasons have been prescribed Warfarin / Coumadin as a blood thinning agent, may be referred to the Marathon Family Health Team INR Program. Referral is made by the family physician, once tests have been ordered and the condition is stable.

After referral and acceptance into the program, Registered Nursing (RN) staff assumes care for the client by reviewing INR lab results and adjusting the doses of Warfarin medication as needed. Lab results are given directly to the Registered Nursing staff, who with the assistance of an INR algorithm template adjusts the client’s medications accordingly.

Healthcare Assistants are provided the updated client information and contact the client with their medication orders and next scheduled blood test. Education sessions are offered to clients that are new to the Warfarin treatment plan and consults are provided at any time during therapy should questions or concerns arise.

Clients taking Warfarin are asked to notify the Marathon Family Health Team, if they know they have upcoming procedures / surgeries, admissions to Hospital, new illnesses, new medications and changes to their diet or major changes in weight; all of these things may affect their dose of Warfarin.

Referrals may be made to other team members, such as the Registered Dietitian or other healthcare providers as needed or desired by the client.