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Smoking Cessation Program

At every visit, clients are asked to consider their smoking status in relationship to their health and their motivation to quit.

All healthcare providers at the Marathon Family Health Team will support and encourage those clients interested in quitting, cutting down or trying to find ways to motivate themselves to quit.

Services provided for smoking cessation are: * Brief intervention and access to resources from all providers at every visit. * Individual counseling sessions. Registered Nurses on site, who have taken extra training for smoking cessation counseling, can assist clients with medication advice, understanding nicotine addiction, explore their habit, help with quit plans, slips and relapse. * Family Physicians will also offer support. * Telephone follow-up for cessation support, provided by the Registered Nurses. * Group smoking cessation sessions – provided by the Social Worker.

For all clients, consideration is given to individual needs and wishes, taking into account their health status, emotions and lifestyle.

If you are interested in quitting smoking and would like to participate in a study that involves receiving clinically proven smoking cessation medications (Zyban or Champix) free of charge, check the STOP Study website.

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