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The hours of the Marathon Family Health Team are 9-5 daily with many of the physicians starting their day earlier at the hospital to provide on call and inpatient care. After 5 pm and on the weekend, one of the physicians is on call to Wilson Memorial General Hospital. In order to access on call services, there are two options:

  1. If you are a patient enrolled with Marathon Family Health Team, you can call the Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS) 1-866-553-7205. A nurse will assess your symptoms or concerns, and may contact the physician on call directly to assist with providing advice.
  2. Alternatively, you may go to the Wilson Memorial General Hospital where you will be assessed by an RN in the emergency department. She will be in contact with the doctor on call and a decision will be made about whether you need to see the doctor at that time, or whether you will be provided an appointment with a doctor for the following day.

We encourage you to enroll with the Marathon Family Health Team and use the Telephone Health Advisory Service.

More about the Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS):

THAS is part of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s commitment to supporting physicians to provide comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated primary health care services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is an after-hours telephone health advice and triage service for enrolled patients of aligned primary health care models in Ontario and is designed to support the patient/health care provider relationship by helping to provide continuous patient care.

Patients who call THAS have access to Ontario Registered Nurses who will provide them with symptom based health advice and information. In addition, for enrolled/registered patients, THAS nurses will have access to your on-call physicians and when appropriate will call the physician for additional advice regarding your concerns.

How Patients Access THAS:

The toll-free number for THAS is 1-866-553-7205.

Patient Call Process: Patients who call THAS are connected to a nurse or a patient assistant representative. Once patients are transferred to a nurse, their enrolment status with a Family Health Team is verified. Based on the THAS nurse’s assessment and the clinical guidelines the nurse uses, the nurse will provide self-care advice, direct the patient to their physician’s office (within 24-72 hours), contact the on-call physician or direct the caller to the nearest emergency department.

The THAS nurse may also contact the on-call physician in Marathon directly. With the caller’s consent, the THAS nurse will also send a fax detailing the caller’s encounter with the service to the caller’s primary care physician.

THAS Obligations: THAS is available 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Thursday; 5 p.m. Friday through 9 a.m. Monday; and during recognized holidays. A physician from Marathon Family Health Team must be on-call during these hours.

If the on call physician is contacted by the THAS nurse, the on-call physician will have the option of speaking to the patient directly or having the THAS senior nurse call the patient back to provide additional advice and direction.