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Strategic Plan

Marathon Family Health Team Strategic Plan – 2014-2017

The Marathon Family Health Team strategic plan describes how the organization intends to move from where it is now towards its Vision in accordance with its Mission, values and tolerance for risk.

The Marathon Family Health Team plans to use its strengths to take advantage of opportunities, remedy its weaknesses and to avoid or mitigate threats.

The strategic plan which takes a longer term view, the Marathon Family Health Team will develop shorter term work plans for staff, and budgets for the revenues and expenditures it needs to move towards our Vision.

Finally, the Marathon Family Health Team will monitor its progress against quality improvement measurement targets and budget reconciliation and will use the lessons it learns from experience to enhance the next round of strategic planning and budgeting in fiscal 2017-2018.

Marathon Family Health Team Strategic Directions – 2014-2017:

  1. Access: We will work to optimize access to physicians and clinic providers.
  2. Health Promotion: We will enhance our health promotion and education programs.
  3. Addictions and Chronic Pain: We will work with other partners to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to improve health in the areas of both addictions and chronic pain.
  4. Human resources: In collaboration with our partners, we will optimize our human resources to support high quality care.
  5. Governance: We will review sustainable governance models for the family health team.