Spirometry Program

If you have symptoms of lung disease (e.g. feeling short of breath, difficulty breathing, a cough that lasts longer than 3 months, a cough with mucus, lung infections that may last longer than usual, and/or wheezing) or if you are 40 years and over and are a current or past smoker who has smoked for over 10 years, consider completing a lung function test (called spirometry). This test will help confirm whether or not you have a lung disease. The lung function test is a non-invasive breathing test that measures the amount of air a person can force out of their lungs and the rate at which the air is forced out. Once you complete the breathing test, you may be given a puffer to try out for a few weeks. You will then be asked to complete the breathing test a second time to see if the puffer improves your scores. 

Spirometry appointments are available from October to April at the MFHT. Spirometry tests are offered by a Certified Respiratory Educator. If you think you would benefit from a spirometry appointment, please speak with your healthcare provider to receive a referral.