Falls Prevention Program

Marathon Family Health Team has launched a Falls Prevention Program. This program is specifically designed to address the needs of adults aged 65 and older, with the primary goal of identifying individuals at higher risk of falling. By connecting them with healthcare providers, we aim to provide tailored recommendations to prevent falls and promote independence among our senior community members.

The Importance of Screening for Falls Risk

Falls are a significant concern among older adults in Canada, with a staggering one-third of those aged 65 and older experiencing a fall each year. However, the good news is that most falls are predictable and preventable. There is substantial evidence to suggest that screening for falls risk and offering falls prevention services can effectively reduce the incidence of falls among older adults.

Reducing falls has a multitude of benefits. It can lead to fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations, thereby reducing healthcare costs. Additionally, by preventing falls, we can significantly improve the overall quality of life for older adults, enabling them to maintain their confidence, engagement, and activity levels within our communities.

The Screening Process

As part of our Falls Prevention Program, patients aged 65 and older may be invited to voluntarily complete this Falls Risk Screening Tool to assess their risk of falling. Patients who prefer to complete the screening tool on paper can request a copy at the clinic. This questionnaire will help healthcare providers determine whether patients are at lower or higher risk for falls. Those identified as being at higher risk will be invited to participate in the Falls Prevention Program, where they can receive personalized advice and support.

What to Expect from the Falls Prevention Program

Individuals who choose to participate in the Falls Prevention Program will have access to a range of healthcare providers who can provide them with valuable insights and guidance on fall prevention strategies. The program includes:

  1. Health and Medication Review: A comprehensive review of an individual’s health status and medications to identify any potential risk factors.
  2. Exercise and Balance Program: Tailored exercise routines and balance training to improve strength and stability, reducing the risk of falls.
  3. Lifestyle and Environmental Factors: Information and recommendations related to nutrition, home environment modifications, footwear choices, and other factors that can impact the risk of falling.

Where to Find More Information

If you’re eager to learn more about the program or wish to participate, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic by calling 807-229-3243 or emailing [email protected]