Meet our Team

The Marathon Family Health Team is a multidisciplinary primary care team that is committed to sustainable primary health care for our communities.

Meet our physicians

Dr. Megen Brunskill, MD CCFP
Dr. Lily DeMiglio, MD PhD CCFP
Dr. Nancy Fitch, MD CCFP FCFP
Dr. Sarah Newbery, MD CCFP FCFP
Dr. Eli Orrantia, MSc MD CCFP FCFP
Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble, MD CCFP
Dr. Sayali Tadwalkar, MD CCFP
Dr. Barb Zelek, MD CCFP FCFP

Meet our nurse practitioner

Stefan Chery, MSc, NP-PHC

Meet our physician assistant

Jodi Osborne, PA

Meet our nurses

Meghan Constantineau, RPN
Candace Gendron-Michano, RN
Ada Parsons, RPN & Certified Respiratory Educator
Montana Sutton, RPN

Meet our allied healthcare providers

Shelley Heavens, Registered Social Worker
Michèle Lajeunesse, Health Promoter
Lindsay Nutbrown, Lifestyle Medicine Coach

Meet our management team

Joanne Berube, Executive Director
Melanie Bouchard, Manager of Human Resources & Scheduling and Locum Coordinator
Michèle Lajeunesse, Chief Operating Officer
Joseph Newing, IT Manager

Meet our administrative and clerical team

Elana Armitage, EMR Administrator/Third Party Billing
Margaret Cousins, Epidemiologist
Kayla Gray, Billing Clerk/Administrative Assistant
Chelsey LeBoeuf, Care Coordinator / System Navigator
Brett Redden, Physician/Healthcare Professional Recruiter
Nathalie Tinney, Health Care Assistant
Marc Verbo, Administrative Assistant
Dario Verin, Jr Accountant