Marathon Physician Associate Group

The Marathon Physician Associate Group (MPAG) is a progressive and innovative practice with 8 associate physicians that was established in 1996. We employ 7 administrative staff who support our practice. In 2005, MPAG became affiliated with the Marathon Family Health Team, which is an inter-professional clinic that employs various healthcare providers (social worker, dietitian, RPNs, RN, NPs, physician assistant, health promoter), an epidemiologist and administrative and management staff, including a clinic director. Together, we serve a local population of 3,100, as well as Biigtigong Nishnaabeg and Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg First Nations communities (total approximately 4200). Our spacious clinic features 18 exam rooms and is located next to the hospital with doctors sharing a large open-style office offering lots of opportunity for corridor consults.

We are also a teaching facility for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, so host medical students and residents on a regular basis. We also welcome locum physicians on a regular basis to maintain and provide quality healthcare within our community.

MPAG has received the following awards:

2022 Learner-Nominated Teacher Award – Dr. Lily DeMiglio. A significant award determined by the medical students at NOSM University. 
2022 Rural Health Champion Award – Brett Redden. This award is a presented to a non-physician who has had a significant impact on rural health care delivery, either through clinical care or system level impact in a community, province, or nationally.
2020 Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) Fellowship of Rural and Remote Medicine Award – Dr. Barb Zelek
2019 Innovation Fund Award- Dr. Eliseo Orrantia
2018 Association of Family Health Team’s (AFHTO)- Marathon FHT awarded for its 2018 Scalable Opioid Pilot Program (HARMS program)
2018 CFPC Early Career Development Award and the Team Williams Family Medicine Innovation Grant- Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble
2013 OCFP Family Physician of the Year – Dr. Sarah Newbery (appointed OCFP President November 2015)
2010/2012 NOSM Preceptor of the Year – Dr. Eliseo Orrantia
2009 OCFP Family Practice of the Year

For more information about the Marathon Family Health Team and the programs and service they offer, please visit the About Us and Programs & Services sections of the website.