Lifestyle Medicine Program

Marathon Family Health Team is launching a new Lifestyle Medicine Program in January 2023!

Lifestyle Medicine is based on scientific evidence that shows us something amazing: living a healthy lifestyle is like medicine for our bodies. This kind of medicine is effective, easy to understand, and only brings positive results!

It involves using proven lifestyle approaches to improve our health and well-being. These include things like eating healthy foods, staying active, getting enough sleep, managing stress, avoiding harmful substances, and staying connected with others. By doing these things, we can prevent, treat, and manage chronic diseases related to our lifestyle.

Suboptimal lifestyle choices underlie many chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, and many cancers. By encouraging healthy choices and following the six essential lifestyle pillars that help us stay healthy, Lifestyle Medicine treats the root issue of these diseases, not just the symptoms.

For more information about the Lifestyle Medicine Program, click here.