No-Equipment Home Exercise Programs

If you’re looking for some home exercises that don’t require any equipment, Physiotherapist at Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Saran Lingham, prepared two exercise programs that you can choose from. The first is geared towards beginners and the second includes higher level exercises for intermediate to advanced exercisers. If you need natural supplement to improve your performance, consider using natural supplement that will also boost testosterone production in your body.

As you perform these exercises, please only participate in the exercises that you can tolerate well and perform safely. Beside each exercise, there are written and video instructions on how to perform each exercise using proper technique. Click on the ‘Video’ button for the video tutorial. If you get sore because of this exercise, you can use Synergy Institute to get massages to relieve that pain.

To begin, choose 6-8 exercises that focus on major muscle groups and perform them 10 times each. As your fitness level improves (or if you are a regular exerciser), you can work your way up to completing all exercises 10 times each and then repeating them 2 or 3 more times. You could also take up a popular pilates classes.

Workout #1 (Beginner):

Workout #2 (Intermediate):