Lunchtime Diabetes Support Sessions this Fall

Many of us understand that managing diabetes can lower the risk of long-term complications such as heart attacks, strokes and loss of vision. Despite knowing this, it can be hard to consistently keep blood sugars in target. Our team used a survey to ask clients what they felt would help them better manage their diabetes.  Based on the most popular answers, we set up three virtual group sessions this fall, tackling how to make lifestyle changes stick, tips for healthy quick meals, and learning more about the medications you are taking.

Making Permanent Changes – November 5th 12-1pm

It’s usually easier to make changes when the stakes seem high, such as when you’re newly diagnosed and are trying to avoid starting a medication. However, old habits can creep back as time goes by. Maybe you get busy and start relying on takeout more, or Halloween treats are out so you grab a few every time you’re nearby. It’s a different ballgame to make lifestyle changes stick for life, and using willpower isn’t always enough. It’s helpful to spend some time thinking about your why; ask yourself why it’s important to you to keep up your new habits. Knowing your values and paying attention to them can go a long way. In this session, we will talk about basic lifestyle tips, and more importantly, how to keep up those changes for the long haul.  

All About Medications – November 26th 12-1pm

It can be confusing when you’re sick to know whether it’s best to continue taking your diabetes medications or not. Did you know that if you’re throwing up or have diarrhea and are eating less than normal for over 24 hours, that you should check blood sugars every 2-4 hours, try to stay hydrated and temporarily stop Gliclazide or Glyburide if you take these medications? There are special implications for people on insulin as well. This session will focus on how different medications work, when to take your medications, and what to change if you’re ill. Based on your questions, the Certified Diabetes Educator Lynn will discuss topics like how to treat low blood sugars, or what to do when your sugars are very high. Lynn also encourages you to submit questions ahead of time, which you can do when you register.

Fast Healthy Food – December 3rd 12-1pm

In our recent survey, time was found to be a large barrier to eating well with diabetes. Quick meals can be diabetes-friendly, and this session was developed to make it easier to eat well. It will also spotlight time-saving tools like silicone steamers, which can make a variety of nutritious, tasty meals in less than 10 minutes.  Keeping budget in mind, there will be a quick cooking demo to demonstrate how to use steamers, along with resources for other types of recipes.

Registering for the Sessions

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, sessions will not be in person, but rather through Google Meet video on your computer. There is also a phone-in option available if needed, but long distance charges may apply based on your plan. Register by emailing [email protected] or calling 229-1541×232. You are living with your diagnosis every day, whereas your provider is only there for hours each year. To set yourself up for success in your diabetes management, sign up to learn more and practice applying the skills and tips discussed.

Michelle Stevens, Registered Dietitian