Additional Positive Case of COVID-19 in Marathon

December 11th, 2020 – The Marathon Family Health Team (MFHT) and the North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH) are announcing the 16th positive case of COVID-19 in Marathon.

This morning, the TBDHU advised us that there are currently 12 active cases in Marathon and that four cases have been resolved.

All patients who have tested positive for the virus have been contacted by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) and are self-isolating at home to prevent further spread of the virus. The transmission source of all recent case announcements is well understood. Through contact tracing, the TBDHU has been able to confirm that the exposure categories as “close contact”.

Limiting encounters and outings

Limiting close contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is why limiting gatherings with those who are not part of our households and avoiding non-essential outings and travel will be crucial in the coming days and weeks.

As much as possible, everyone is encouraged to limit their outings to essentials like going to work or school, picking up groceries and/or prescriptions, attending medical appointments, or engaging in outdoor physical activity. When outings and/or encounters with others can’t be avoided, continue to practice safe behaviours, such as maintaining your physical distance, wearing a face covering and keeping your encounters as short as you can.

Allow close contact only with people living in your household and wear a mask while maintaining two metres of physical distance when you are in contact with others or in indoor public spaces. Individuals who live alone may consider having close contact with another household.

Ways to stay connected with others

Although it’s important to keep our physical distance from others at this time, it doesn’t mean that we must distance ourselves socially or emotionally. Social connection is more important than we may think for your overall health and wellbeing. In fact, it can lower anxiety and depression, help manage emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and reduce stress.

We can use these physical distancing days to learn that we don’t have to be close to someone to feel close to them. We may need to get creative, but there are many ways to stay connected with others. It can be as simple as:

  • Setting up phone dates with family members of friends
  • Using video chat software or mobile apps like Skype, Zoom or Houseparty
  • Checking in over text message
  • Joining a group on social medial where you can read and send messages of support
  • Participating in virtual community events
  • Hosting an online movie night (e.g. Netflix Party)
  • Helping others in the community by volunteering or participating in a random act of kindness

Other COVID safe behaviours that will help prevent the spread of the virus

Following the advice listed below, in addition to limiting your outings and contact with others, will help keep you and others safe.

  • Self-isolating if you have symptoms, even if they are mild
  • Maintaining two metres of physical distancing from others
  • Wearing a face covering when around others who are not from your own household, especially if physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Washing your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Limiting travel outside of Northwestern Ontario, unless it’s necessary

Contacting the MFHT

If you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or are concerned that you need to be tested for COVID-19, first self-isolate, then contact MFHT by emailing [email protected]. Emailing the clinic is currently the most effective way of reaching us. If you don’t have access to a computer or have an email address, you can contact us by calling 807-229-3243.

Please remember that your healthcare providers want to see you if you are feeling unwell or have any medical concerns that are not related to COVID-19. Although some of our services may be delivered differently during the COVID-19 era, we remain committed to providing our patients with quality and comprehensive care.

Questions? Please contact public health authorities

All new case information can be found on the TBDHU website ( and Facebook page. If you have any questions related to COVID-19, please contact the TBDHU for more information. Public health professionals are here to guide you and to provide you with individualized advice during these uncertain times.