Community COVID-19 vaccination update

The Marathon Family Health Team is pleased to report that 347 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine were safely administered in Marathon on June 3rd, 2021. At this vaccination event, first and second doses of the vaccine were offered to individuals who met the following criteria:

First doses

  • Adults 18+ years of age
  • Essential workers 12+ years of age
  • Individuals 12+ years of age with priority health conditions

Second doses

  • High-risk healthcare workers, including first responders
  • Essential care partners of seniors living in congregate settings
  • Indigenous adults and their household members
  • Individuals who received their first dose on March 2nd or March 4th, 2021
  • Some adults 80+ years of age

Currently, a total of 3556 doses have been administered in our catchment population, including 2044 first doses and 531 second doses in Marathon, which means that 68% of eligible individuals in our communities have received one dose of the vaccine and 26% percent have received a second dose. 

Many more states are implementing the use of COVID-19 medical trailers to be able to keep doing this vaccinations campaigns and reach out more people with this mobile units.

Thank you to those who have booked a COVID-19 vaccination appointment over the last few months and who are bringing us closer to reaching our goal of community immunity.

Please remember that it’s never too late to receive your first dose of the vaccine. You can request an appointment by calling the clinic at 807-229-3243 or by clicking here.